Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer is here again!!!

Summer has once again arrived and it is hot! Moving is very difficult in itself, but especially when it is hot. The main thing to be concerned about is staying hydrated. If our guys don't bring anything with them to drink, please have some ice water or soft drinks for them if possible. If there are small items that you would like to move yourself, please do so. Most people prefer to move their personal computers and other small electronics themselves. Also, pictures lamps and some plants can be moved on your own. Ideally if you can get your move down to the furniture and appliances, you will save approximately 25% to 35% of the cost of moving. This is just a cost saving suggestion; I know that many people cannot move some things on their own nor do they want to. Sometimes just boxing things up can be overwhelming by itself, so that is fine if you prefer us to move everything. Incidently, moving is also stressful for most people, so try to relax and be calm if possible; and to borrow a phrase from Greyhound people, "leave the moving to us" See you on your next move- Tony Coggins

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